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PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project: Selected Alternative

On December 31, 2003, the Federal Highway Administration issued a Record of Decision (ROD) that selects the project's Preferred Alternative as documented in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for implementation. The FEIS provided a detailed analysis of each of the project’s alternatives, their corresponding environmental impacts and responses to public comments received on the Draft EIS issued in May 2001.

The Federal Highway Administration based its decision to select the Preferred Alternative on a full range of environmental and engineering studies and documentation of potential impacts, in addition to public and governmental agency comments on the FEIS. The selected alternative includes:

The ROD represents the conclusion of the environmental phase and allows the project to proceed to the design phase, and ultimately, to construction.


The selected alternative consists of a high-speed, fully directional interchange between the PA Turnpike and I-95. It also involves construction of a new Pennsylvania Turnpike mainline barrier toll plaza, widening of the Turnpike from four to six lanes between Interchange 28/351 and the Delaware River, modification of the Delaware River Bridge toll plaza (Interchange 30/359), and construction of an additional parallel bridge across the Delaware River. In addition, I-95 will be widened to accommodate ramps, merge lanes, and increased traffic resulting from the construction of the interchange.


The ROD document includes the following sections (click to download):

Record of Decision (566 KB)
Figure A (1 MB), Alternatives Map
Attachment A (773 KB), Programmatic Agreement
Attachment B (708 KB), Bicycle/Pedestrian Pathway Letter
Table 1 (296 KB), Impacts Table